Good Neighbor Initiative Door Hanger

Hello, neighbor!

We’re in your neighborhood to say hi and let you know how we are educating Tar Heels about being a good neighbor ( and how we share your desire to keep the community safe. Because we care about the safety of our students and the safety of our community, we have policies on alcohol use ( and about non-academic misconduct in place. The alcohol policy protects our community and works to prevent alcohol from interfering with the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service.

If you have concerns about a student’s behavior, the University wants you to let us know. We want students to be responsible community members and to be held accountable if they violate local laws and/or University policies. You can call 911 and/or file a referral form at the Office of Student Conduct (


CHAPEL HILL: Place garbage at the curb by 6 a.m. on the collection day, with containers removed before 7 p.m. on the same day. For details about trash pick up or to schedule a bulky item collection, visit

CARRBORO: Place garbage adjacent to the street by 7:30 a.m. on collection day with containers removed from the pick-up point by 6 a.m. the next day. To view what day your pick-up is, or for any other inquiries, visit or email

Orange County Solid Waste picks up curbside recycling in your blue recycling carts. Recycle plastic bottles, tubs, jugs, jars & #1 clear plastic clamshells, glass bottles & jars, metal cans, paper and cardboard. Visit for more info or to request a recycling cart.

CHAPEL HILL: Loud noises that cause a nuisance to the community are prohibited.

CARRBORO: Loud noises from any parties or other assembly of people are prohibited after 11 p.m.


Find out more at


CHAPEL HILL: Submit violation to or contact or 919-969-5066 with questions.

CARRBORO: Contact Zoning & Inspections at 919-918-7336 or


If you are concerned about people living unsheltered in our community, contact the county’s Street Outreach, Harm Reduction and Deflection (SOHRAD) Program at 919-886-3351 or


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